Trick or Treat!

Posted on Friday, October 31, 2008 by Pat Gaik

Happy Halloween, everybody! In celebration, I'll share some pics from my old local cable tv show. I used to go to the local costume house every year and get made over! We'd then try to go out and film a scene somewhere. Year one: I was a much-older-than-teenage werewolf.

Year two, Phantom! I wanted to go somewhere and sing Music of the Night, but we opted for a Chaney-esque silent scene.

Year three: Hunchback! When we went to a gigantic church and I climbed around in the filthy belfrey - that one was pretty impressive.

And finally, the drag year, which, no surprise, led to them not using me as a host anymore! I assume they got complaints, but the show was canceled shortly thereafter when the cable company was bought out. Mae West, Carol Channing, Norma Desmond!

Good times!

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  1. Stacy |

    Awesome pics Pat! LOLOL


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