Any time now Mel...put up the new episode any time....

Posted on Saturday, January 31, 2009 by Stacy

Any time you're ready to put up that new episode Mel...any time.

Did Obama's Inauguration Go Too Far?

Posted on Tuesday, January 27, 2009 by Melanie

Personally, I like the live coverage from Minas Tirith:


Posted on Friday, January 23, 2009 by Unknown

OMFG you have got to check this out! Barack Obama Action Figures from Gamu Toys.

UPDATE: Apparently demand has overwhelmed the toy company's website. I managed to grab a PDF of it so you can see it here: Obama Action Figure featuring Guns, Swords, Angry Faces

FURTHER UPDATE: It is now available in the States for pre-order! Toy Wiz, you are a blessing!

Blame Scotty from Australia for this one

Posted on Thursday, January 22, 2009 by Melanie

Because he sent us the BuzzFeed link about Aretha's Hat being everywhere, and once I read it I couldn't resist:

DQYDJ 60: Cheez-Wiz In The Foreskin

Posted on Monday, January 19, 2009 by Melanie

EP 60: Cheez-Wiz In The Foreskin (47:40)

Welcome to Episode 60 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where we open the show with a tribute to Ricardo Montalban and Patrick McGoohan, Jerry is eating Bugles and Cheez-Wiz, Stacy is arranging Melanie's second (and parallel) marriage to Patrick, Patrick critiques the ins and outs of oral sex technique, and Melanie demonstrates a whole new way of juicing fruit.

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Did we ever mention that Melanie and Jerry are authors?

Posted on Friday, January 16, 2009 by Unknown

This is Jerry's science fiction version of Revelations from the bible. There's an AntiChrist AI, rebels out to overthrow the media, and Jesus Christ returning to Earth on Live TV. If that wasn't enough, the main characters are dealing with their jobs being replaced by robots, their cities being torn up to be reclaimed for farmland, and running from a state mandated abortion.

Melanie's wild and sexy fantasy! Sergeant Adrianne Roche knew that service in the Queen's Own Sabres would take her to strange new lands. She just never expected to go there in a belly dancing costume...

Both Jerry and Melanie have short stories in this one... It's wildy funny and Science Fiction to boot! How can you go wrong?

Floating Banana

Posted on Thursday, January 15, 2009 by Unknown

If just once in your life, you must visit

Just once is all it takes to change your life forever.

(This is the same kind of Zen humor as

DQYDJ 59: Boobie Alert!

Posted on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 by Melanie

EP 59: Boobie Alert! (48:47)

Welcome to Episode 59 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where Melanie overdoses on Fisherman's Friend, Jerry explains how breasts are fun, Stacy Skypes out just a wee bit, Patrick explains the new party game "Spin the Bottom," and we welcome our very special guest Michael from the QCast Connection by grilling him about his audition.

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...and it plays in Bloomington!

Posted on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 by Pat Gaik

‘Funny Valentines’ is a typically delightful romp at Barn II
by Marcia Weiss
The Pantagraph

One wonders, while munching on the home-style fried chicken from the buffet, why the pink set for “Funny Valentines,” which opened last weekend at the Barn II Dinner Theatre, is peppered with dozens of clocks.

Time seems at a standstill, however, as even the tail on the Felix the Cat clock doesn’t swish, underscoring a sore point between whimsical children’s book illustrator, Andy Robbins, and his more grounded ex-wife and co-author, Ellen.

Andy moans from his couch, “She left me because she said I never wound the clocks.”

Too depressed to work, Andy has also let his appearance slide. Rather than bothering to replace the buttons which have fallen off his shirt, he staples his shirt shut instead.

Sloppiness aside, this does not prevent longtime fan Zan Wilkinson, the director from Intro Media, from being attracted to Andy.

Zan has conspired with Andy’s literary agent, Howard, to get Andy and Ellen to sign away their rights to the publishing sensation, Beanie the Bear. Once franchised, Beanie would surely become “bigger than Mickey Mouse,” making them all millionaires.

In the process of negotiation, Zan makes it clear that she is interested in much more from Andy than solely a “business” relationship. And when they attempt to seal the deal, their saucy plans are upset when Ellen knocks on the door, with a few surprises of her own.

Miranda Axsom is lovely as Ellen, and her versatility as an actress is most evident when she stoops to the same level as her immature ex-husband.

Dan Challacombe almost never leaves the stage as Andy. He carries the show with great energy, and just the right amount of pathos.

Mary Simon as Zan, Pat Gaik as Howard and Sara Flanders as Ellen’s mother all kick the comedy up a notch each time they enter into the mayhem.

Running through January and February, the lighthearted “Funny Valentines” serves as a good tonic to keep he winter blues at bay.

It Plays in Peoria!

Posted on Sunday, January 11, 2009 by Pat Gaik

'Valentines' an amusing romp
Mary Simon directs production at Conklin's Barn II Dinner Theatre
of the Journal Star
Posted Jan 10, 2009 @ 09:02 PM


GOODFIELD — A can of Cool Whip, a naughty Frederick's of Hollywood nightie and a well-aimed quip at Gov. Rod Blagojevich provide the highlights for "Funny Valentines" at Conklin's Barn II Dinner Theatre.

This amusing farce, which runs through March 1, is a romp through the topsy-turvy world of one Andy Robbins, a children's book illustrator who just can't seem to grow up.

Robbins has been offered the deal of a lifetime by his double-talking yet faithful agent. And it all depends on whether he can win over his former collaborator and practical-minded ex-wife. The question is: Can he do it?

Directed by Mary Simon, this farce is full of twists, turns and, of course, Cool Whip. Simon shows up with the latter in hand as Zan Wilkinson, a program director from a major media company who also happens to be a leggy blonde with a penchant for black lingerie and a major crush on Andy. When Zan isn't seducing the willing Andy, she wants to turn his children's character Bennie the Bear into a major television cartoon with plenty of plastic toy spin-offs.

The deal depends on Andy's ability to grow up - no easy task for this zany character who can't face reality. Played by Dan Challacombe, Andy appears unable to handle life at all: He uses orange pipe cleaner to hold his glasses together and a staple gun to button his shirt. Challacombe has a knack for physical comedy, and he makes the most of it in this show as he quickly turns his back on the audience to zip his fly, cradles his head in his hands in mock anguish or falls to the couch with Zan on top of him.

Miranda Axsom plays straight woman to Andy's lunacy as his pregnant ex-wife, Ellen, a woman who fell in love with Andy's Peter Pan ways only to find a man who never grows up can be as frustrating as he is charming. Pat Gaik does well as Howard Levy, Andy's Maalox-drinking agent who isn't above stretching the truth if personal profit is at issue. (The audience laughed and applauded Friday when Andy compared Howard's ethics to those of Blagojevich.) Sara Flanders, meanwhile, turns in a funny and fluid performance as Elizabeth Winslow, Ellen's long-suffering mother who just wishes her temperamental daughter would settle down.

The set, designed and built by Tom Weber, is your typical New York City apartment except for one thing: The profusion of clocks on the walls, in nooks and crannies. There are big clocks, small clocks, old-fashioned pendulum clocks, newfangled clocks and one shaped like a cat - more than two dozen clocks in all. Obviously, they signal time might be running out for Andy, unless he can mend his ways. But to learn the full significance of these timepieces, you'll simply have to make time of your own to travel to Goodfield to see this very amusing show.

'Funny Valentines'

- What: Comedy about famous book illustrator who must overcome his Peter Pan syndrome to win back his ex-wife. Directed by Mary Simon.

- When: Through March 1. Shows Thursday through Saturday evenings (doors open 6 p.m., show 8 p.m.) and Sunday matinees (doors open noon, show 1:30 p.m.).

- Where: Conklin's Barn II Dinner Theatre, Goodfield.

- Admission: $31/Thursday; $33/Friday and Sunday; $35/Saturday (includes tax). Call 965-2545 or visit

I love this picture!

Posted on Thursday, January 08, 2009 by Stacy

Tonight at 8:00!

Posted on Thursday, January 08, 2009 by Pat Gaik

DQYDJ 58: Poodle Jail

Posted on Wednesday, January 07, 2009 by Melanie

EP 58: Poodle Jail (52:08)

Welcome to Episode 58 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where we celebrate noted actor/playwright Sam Shepard blowing 0.175 during a DUI bust in Normal, IL. We want to party with you, cowboy.

Meanwhile, Patrick dreams of playing fingercuffs at Gay Days, Melanie's cord falls out, Jerry samples some strong ale for New Year's, Stacy skips writing a newscast in favor of watching reruns of ROCK OF LOVE, and we welcome our very special guest Kevin Bee from the QCast Connection by putting him on the philosophical spot.

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I'm Just Explaining

Posted on Tuesday, January 06, 2009 by Melanie

Hi, there -- Melanie here, explaining why Ep. 58 isn't up yet. See, after Stacy and her horde of rampaging Visigoths rolled out of the smoldering wreckage that was my house last week, leaving a wealth of empty beer bottles, denuded Barbie dolls and what appeared to be a blow-up sheep in their wake, it took a while to find a hotel room, contract with various builders to repair the extensive damage, argue with the insurance company to fund said builders, and contact a competent lawyer to slap Stacy with a lawsuit to pay for whatever the insurance won't cover. So I've been kinda freaking busy -- nonetheless, the episode will go up tonight, I promise.

By the way, Stacy, how did you get the toilet on TOP of the roof? And where are my cats, dammit?

I'm just askin!!!

Posted on Monday, January 05, 2009 by Stacy

Does anyone out there ever wonder if Melanie's going to put up a podcast in the near future?

Just askin.....


New Who!

Posted on Friday, January 02, 2009 by Pat Gaik

I'm just vibrating in my seat to discover that the 11th Doctor will be announced tomorrow on a BBC One Doctor Who Special:

BBC News has announced that the identity of the actor who will play with Eleventh Doctor, succeeding current Doctor David Tennant, will be announced tomorrow.

The news will come in a special edition of tie-in documentary series Doctor Who Confidential, which is being transmitted on BBC One tomorrow evening at 5.35pm. The episode will also be shown at the same time on BBC Big Screens in town centres across the UK.

The actor was confirmed in the role over the Christmas period, and will begin filming for series five this summer, for transmission in 2010. New executive producer Piers Wenger is quoted as saying: "We believe the actor is going to bring something very special to the role and will make it absolutely their own. I just can't wait to tell everyone who it is - it has been a nail-biting Christmas trying to keep this under wraps!"

The release from the BBC Press Office confirms that the Confidential episode has been retitled "The Eleventh Doctor" (it was formerly advertised as "The Ten Doctors"), and will feature the actor concerned giving his or her thoughts on having been cast. The press release also suggests that the last of David Tennant's episodes as the Doctor will be broadcast in the New Year of 2010.

I must admit that I'll be slightly disappointed if it turns out to be Patterson Joseph, as widely predicted. Not that I have anything against the actor, just that I'd rather it be a surprise.

And it was a surprise! Click here for article.

2008: Thank God it's Over

Posted on Thursday, January 01, 2009 by Unknown

Music by Jim's Big Ego


Happy New Year from Jerry!

Posted on Thursday, January 01, 2009 by Unknown

Happy New Year!