We anen't dead

Posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 by Melanie

The Terry Pratchett fans out there will get the subject line -- fret not, pumpkins, we're not podfading or dead (we can't be -- we still have Taffy Carlisle-Huffington added to the schedule in blood as our Extra Special Guest for Episode 75). We have two eps recorded -- one will go up tonight, and the other will go as soon as I get a missing track from someone who will not be named but whose name rhymes with Stacy. Ahem.

Sorry for the delay, and hey, we may even be recording another episode tomorrow night -- how's that for an embarrassment of riches? In the meantime, Jerry is heading to Finland in the near future and will be bringing back licorice-filled choccies for me, Patrick is still looking for a flexible busboy who appreciates a man with gravitas, and Stacy is off doing something that probably involves large amounts of reality TV. Oh, and I've been reading large amounts of research material and some really, really good amateur smut. You know you wanted to know.

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