DQYDJ Videocast 06: Saturday In The Pool With Melanie

Posted on Saturday, August 14, 2010 by Melanie

(3:00 - 44.8 MB)

Welcome to Videocast 06 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where Patrick has wondered rather innocently why I haven't been putting my A Broad Broad videos up on the RSS feed. I explained that I put them in YouTube so that I could post them on my A Broad Broad blog and Facebook, but since we're kinda short of videocasts and there are other plus-size podcasters and listeners out there training for various events, I figured what the hell. So here's my latest video from a training swim -- enjoy!
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  1. [LaLa] Lauren |

    Woo hoo! Go Mel! I've been wanting to get in a pool to do exercises for my crazy crooked spine. Its kinda hard finding one in Chicago but I just found out there's one within walking distance from my house. Of course, I find it now in August, when in just a few months it will turn into a skating rink. (theoretically)

    anyway, props to you!!


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