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Posted on Monday, February 28, 2011 by Melanie

When the going gets insanely stressful, I make plush toys -- in this case, chibi figures of Sherlock and John from the BBC series SHERLOCK.

What the boys look like in real life:

I also have Robert Downey Jr. (from the 09 movie SHERLOCK HOLMES) and Jeremy Brett (from the Granada series THE ADVENTURES OF/THE RETURN OF/THE CASEBOOK OF SHERLOCK HOLMES) dolls done as well -- I still need to make their Watsons, though.

Yeah, yeah, I know -- I ain't all that right in the head...

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  1. Gypsi |

    Do you sell Sherlock and John ? I would love to have them :D

  2. Melanie |

    Yup! Contact me at for more details.


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