DQYDJ 138: We've Got Books!

Posted on Monday, June 20, 2011 by Melanie

(24:32 - 28.2 MB)

Welcome to episode 138 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where Melanie is fresh off the launch of The Ladies of Trade Town, Jerry talks about his newest book Eleven Days On Earth and the ins and outs of e-publishing (click the book covers below to view more information or order books online), Patrick is off at tech rehearsal, and Stacy is hosting her daughter's 8th grade graduation party.

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  1. epilonious |

    At the risk of sounding super nerdy and complain-ey, I cannot get my any of my media aggregators to download the episode...

    It seems this entry is missing the "play now" bit that is in several of the other entries is missing...

  2. Melanie |

    Yup, I'm on it -- it should be fixed in an hour.

  3. Melanie |

    Okay, I have no idea what the "play now" button is or how it got in there, but if you click the Download button the episode will play.


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