A Little Something for the Classic Film buffs

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2009 by Pat Gaik

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  1. scotty |

    every day without a new DQYDJ podcast is like a thousand days burning in hell. Or, similarly, like 1000 days of listening to Big Fatty.

    oh the HORROR, the HORROR!

  2. Anonymous |

    I am wondering if they have been taken off the air by the FCC or something? Yup that's what I heard Skype was removed from their computers and they are no longer able to entertain anyone but each other in the big house! Well that is word on the street.

  3. Stacy |

    You recorded an episode two weeks ago....and I was there to record last Sunday!

    Will you stop fucking around with photoshop and post the episodes already!!!

    You look good in a wheelchair btw...I still have Dad's in the basement....and you are going to need it if you dont put up the episodes!


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