DQYDJ 76: One, Two Three -- UNGH!

Posted on Monday, June 22, 2009 by Melanie

EP 76: One, Two Three -- UNGH! (43:08)

Welcome to Episode 76 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where Patrick bottoms out on Pirates of the Caribbean, Melanie gets wet and flashes her bra, Jerry invites people to write in and ask for Secrets of the Industry, and Stacy is played by a small aubergine because she's really damn busy taking care of two autistic people. Please don't kill us, Stace.

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  1. Aaron Stephens |

    I sent in an email about a week ago and was talking about Secrets of the Industry. :)

  2. Aaron Stephens |

    nevermind....see it's made the show.

  3. Melanie |

    Crap! I knew I forgot something -- fixing it now!

  4. Stacy |

    I heard that you fuckers!!!(except Jerry who is always very nice)

    Melanie, please inform Patrick that I am not speaking to him. I am used to prolonged and intense verbal abuse from you....

    but et tu Patrick? Et tu?

  5. Melanie |

    Patrick, Stacy's not talking to you because of your prolonged and intense verbal abuse of 5 seconds at the end of the last show. Also, I think she's allergic to aubergines.

  6. Melanie |

    By the way, Stace, I just realized that you weren't getting notified about comments -- I've added your email addy to the notification list because I'm giving that way.

  7. Pat Gaik |

    Stacy: I am shocked...nay, shocked and appalled...nay nay, flabbergasted, shocked and appalled at the "joke" perpetrated by Melanie at the end of the last episode. It's obvious that she edited together bits of my audio to make it sound like I was trashing you. You know what kind of editorial power she has...and, think about it, she has audio of us from nearly a year of episodes to play around with...what I actually said was "I think the aubergine was a poor substitute..." If I still had my original audio file I could prove it to you...you know I'm totally devoted to you (in the words of our hero Olivia Newton John) and that you light up my life (in the words of our other here Debbie Boone).

  8. Melanie |

    Patrick, I think you missed a spot -- smear a little more brown on the very tip of your nose, okay?

  9. Taffy |

    I actually listened to another podcast other than mine!!! You all are so sweet!!! Thank you for all of the (very) wonderful comments. I adored meeting you both and would love to see you all again before next years gay days!!!

    By the way...I sent Melanie "proof"...You did kiss Warren, Pat!!!!

    Love to all!!!

  10. Melanie |

    We love you too, Taffy! And my, Pat did lay a big wet one on Warren, didn't he?

  11. Anonymous |

    Stacy did you notice that your own sister spelled your name wrong? Check it out if you don't believe me. Even I know your parents couldn't afford to buy the e!

  12. Melanie |

    Anon, if you're referring to the "Stace" reference, you are of course goofing around because you know that I call Stace "Stace" (pronounced stais) all the time. Ahem.

  13. Stacy |

    Its true Anony (Kath)....everybody calls me Stace
    (Are you putting the boat in the water this weekend?)

    Although my parents couldnt afford the E in my name because they gave it to MelaniE!

    Such is the cold, dark sentence of the middle child.

    Melanie, please inform Patrick that you are a good editor...but not that good. *sniff*

  14. Melanie |

    Patrick, I was told to tell you that apparently I'm a good editor but not THAT good. I would suggest Godiva liqueur and a groveling apology at this point.

  15. Pat Gaik |

    I'm afraid this may call for a special "musical apology" to win her over...

  16. Stacy |


    I was expecting Pat to just stick my name somewhere in Mary had a little lamb....or perhaps There was a girl from Nantucket...but I got a whole song.

    Well, ok, I forgive you.

    (damn, now I'll have to scrap that post where I was going to 'out' you as an unemployed iornworker, married 12 years, having 4 kids, a pickup truck and a lifetime subscription to BIG 'UNS boobie magazine.)

  17. Stacy |

    By the way Mel, in the pics from the Disney....you are wearing a GREAT white blouse! It looks terrific on you!

  18. Melanie |

    I love that blouse with a love that passeth understanding. It's built like a corset, only with sleeves. Yay!

  19. Anonymous |

    Boat goes in the water today. I know how you feel stac- see no E. I didn't realize that Melanie got both the I and the E.
    Hold out for the song!!!! My advise as your CF! As a person who listens to this pod cast (when a new one gets up) I would appreciate hearing it.
    Happy 4th of July everyone!


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