Posted on Thursday, October 29, 2009 by Stacy

Dont be nervous or anything Mel.


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  1. Stacy |

    hee hee hee....she hasnt seen this yet....

  2. Melanie |

    Your skills never cease to amaze me. And you're really, REALLY not helping here.

  3. Melanie |

    And this is why I call you the bastard love child of Dennis Leary and Lewis Black.

  4. Pat Gaik | I have a mental picture of Dennis Leary @ing Lewis Black.

  5. Melanie |

    I live to serve.

  6. Melanie |

    By the way, Stace, where's your phone call? I was on Skype for an hour this evening waiting for it.

  7. Walt |


    Wear some Depends or something. A woman of your age can't count on keeping it all together when something this big happens.

  8. Melanie |

    Look, Puddles, I'm perfectly continent and won't need Depends.

  9. Stacy |

    No, she'll just need sweat shields,xanax, a cigarette, and a large burly security guard Walt.

    No wait...Jeff'll need the sec guard....

    It's Halloween night at 8pm....I wonder if she's stammering like a lunatic right now.....

  10. Melanie |

    Nope -- behaved like a pro, everyone loved the room box, and Jeffrey is a lovely and gracious man, so there, nyah.


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