Because the Earth deserves a little bling, too

Posted on Wednesday, January 20, 2010 by Melanie

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  1. Anonymous |

    What about the shadow formed by the rings? How would that affect the people living there (in the shadow)?

  2. Melanie |

    That's actually a good thought -- I suppose those would become perpetually shady areas.

  3. [LaLa] Lauren |

    This is very cool, but I wonder if you would actually be able to see the rings. They are gaseous, so maybe the weather conditions, clouds, and even our atmosphere would have an effect on how they appear. (Or don't appear)

  4. [LaLa] Lauren |

    Oh I am wrong. I was thinking about the planets. The PLANETS with the rings are gaseous. The rings are actually made of dust and ice and rocks. So, this makes me wonder...would stuff ever fall out of the rings? So instead of just precipitation falling from the sky, would we get dust or rock storms?

  5. Melanie |

    Well, according to the Roche limit (which defines the point where a secondary orbiting body is affected by tidal forces imposed by the primary body and is torn apart, forming rings (a lot depends on the relative densities of the primary and secondary bodies, which is why the Moon hasn't gone all ringy on us yet)), we probably wouldn't have much fall on us from the rings due to orbital forces holding everything in place.

    Yes, you can just call me the Science Broad (since the Science Guy has a whole 'nother definition on this podcast).

  6. Anonymous |

    Imagination. He haz it.


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