DQYDJ 97: Getting Old Sucks

Posted on Saturday, January 23, 2010 by Melanie

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Welcome to Episode 97 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where Jerry explains how we can move DQYDJ into Near Earth Orbit, Stacy is in Florida training for her new office, Patrick names the new DQYDJ band, "Accidental Blowjob," and Melanie is trying to adjust to her progressive lenses and failing miserably.

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  1. Reverend H.L. Spork |

    I disagree. I'm sure a lot of people would tag Patrick as Edna, but I think he's way too charismatic for the part. (And I'm not smoking anything; I'm currently drinking white tea with honey in a 25-year old Dr. Who Disappearing Tardis mug (no longer disappears, sadly). Oh, and a drop of rum.) With the diet he's on, he'd need a ton of padding to play Edna.

    Another thing: Patrick, I'm so inspired by your 1300-calorie/day diet, I'm going to break my recent weight-gain streak and start calorie-counting myself. I'm aiming to lose 25 pounds over four months, starting tomorrow morning. (This requires me to eat 1750 calories per day.) Let's trade good luck.

  2. Pat Gaik |

    Good luck duly exchanged, sir.

  3. Stacy |

    Why am I in an astronauts outfit?

  4. Melanie |

    We didn't listen to the episode yet, did we? You're in training for your new office -- we're moving you out of the SubBasement.

    WAAAAAAAY out of the SubBasement.

  5. Anonymous |

    It will be in a submarine on the moon.


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