DQYDJ 104: Who Ordered The Electric Tongue?

Posted on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by Melanie

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Welcome to Episode 104 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where Melanie has a hard time getting the party started, Jerry is on the road again, Stacy is off watching RuPaul's Drag Race, and Patrick geeks out over the new Doctor Who. Meanwhile, we welcome the third sibling in the Miller Triumvirate to the show -- here's Michael!


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  1. Anonymous |

    Why do we never hear the news when you bring in the news replacement for the Brilliant Stacy?? Will the amazing witty wonderful news girl ever be back? I think that you should check California hospitals as I am sure she is bed side of Brett Michaels. We, Stacy and I, have been on our knees for days praying for his recovering. If you are a VH1 junkie - I mean addict - you will understand her vigil.
    I did hear that Johnny Depp was interested in co hosting an episode.
    Since Stacy was so distraught I figured you would approve the upcoming charge on the DQYDJ charge card. I had to bid high to assure that we would get Johnny for her. If this doesn't get her off her knees and back on to them nothing will work.
    Great job folks!

  2. Melanie |

    Actually, our Foreign Correspondent has a point. A somewhat inarticulate and rambling point, but a point nonetheless. If we bring in another fill-in newsgirl replacement while Stacy is sitting vigil at Bret's bedside, I think they should bring a news report.

  3. Anonymous |

    For the record Stacy needs to have lessons on how to use a camera.


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