No more podcasts...

Posted on Sunday, April 18, 2010 by Pat Gaik

Unress Meronie aglee to become my wife...I hording her hostage in basement.

Rove and kisses,

Gen. Tsao

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  1. michael stark |

    does gen tsao want some hot and spicy sauce for his egg roll?
    him wannte some fresh sushi with his hot soy sause...

  2. Anonymous |

    He has something hot and spicy it is your sister!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Melanie |

    I hate you people so much.

  4. Anonymous |

    But the General roves you a whole rot! You know you want him wearing your tight washington gym shorts how is he not suppose to react I ask you? Good thing he didn't have to see a doctor for the erection lasting over four hours after his last feel up of your lovely can.

  5. Melanie |

    Oh, dear Jesus, Cathy, wait until you hear Episode 106 for the Further Adventures of General Tsao.


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