Posted on Friday, December 05, 2008 by Melanie

Finally! My novel Sabre Dance is now available on Amazon!

And since this is a Double Dog, not only do you get my adventure of Adrianne Roche, a Queen's Own Sabre who goes undercover as a belly dancer to rescue the queen's kidnapped niece, you also get Laura J. Underwood's pirate saga The Lunari Mask (described as "Granny Weatherwax meets the Pirates of the Carribean").

Hmm -- maybe we should take a leaf from Drew's book and do a giveaway on the next podcast. Any interest?

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  1. Bjorn |

    I would love a give a way. Then I could share it with my Dad who loves sci-fi and westerns.

    Congrats on being on Amazon.

  2. Christian |

    How Awesome!!


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