Merry Christmas from Jerry!

Posted on Wednesday, December 24, 2008 by Jerry Davis

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  1. Stacy |

    Jerry's sleeping and waiting for the ghost of Christmas Past to wake him up with a frappicino!

    Merry Christmas Jer!



  2. Melanie |

    Is he adorable or what, folks?

  3. Stacy |

    Puh-leeze. Melanie slipped 14 Xanax into his turkey dinner.

    Then she shaved off his beard.

    There was fur everywhere!

    Thats why she just drove cross country!

  4. Jerry |

    No no ... my beard is intact. However it appears my pubic hair has gone missing.

  5. Pat Gaik |

    No wonder she fled the state in a rental car...she had to get back to Tejas before Jerry woke up...

  6. Melanie |

    That wasn't your chin? Huh -- so THAT'S why your nose looked oddly big. I should know better than to pull a prank like this without night vision goggles.

    Um -- would some lotion express my regrets?

  7. Jerry |

    That was you? I thought it was another alien abduction.

    You know, sometimes it's the anal probe ... sometimes it's pubic hair removal. You can never tell which way it's going to go with those little alien bastards...


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