It's RodanFest!! (Tomorrow!)

Posted on Wednesday, December 10, 2008 by Pat Gaik

We've barely got the balloons, frosting and lube cleaned up from LatteBoy day, and another celebration is upon us!

Happy RodanFest, everyone!!! (And Happy Birthday, Rodan!)

And that leaves us with a mere six months to plan the Taffy Carlysle-Huffington Hoot-Nanny on June 11 (so a little bird tells me) - so we'd better get busy!!

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  1. Melanie |

    Road, please let me know that the strippers got there on time -- you can handle 10 in your orgy shower, right?

    As for Taffy's Hoot-N-Nanny, I think we need to research the obscenity laws in Florida first...

  2. Pat Gaik |

    "Hoot-N-Nanny"? Is that correct? Sounds like some kind of owl-goat wonder you want to research obscenity laws!

  3. Taffy |

    My body hurts just thinking about it!


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