DQYDJ 58: Poodle Jail

Posted on Wednesday, January 07, 2009 by Melanie

EP 58: Poodle Jail (52:08)

Welcome to Episode 58 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where we celebrate noted actor/playwright Sam Shepard blowing 0.175 during a DUI bust in Normal, IL. We want to party with you, cowboy.

Meanwhile, Patrick dreams of playing fingercuffs at Gay Days, Melanie's cord falls out, Jerry samples some strong ale for New Year's, Stacy skips writing a newscast in favor of watching reruns of ROCK OF LOVE, and we welcome our very special guest Kevin Bee from the QCast Connection by putting him on the philosophical spot.

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Thanks to Sweet Diss and the Comebacks (http://www.myspace.com/comebacks) for permission to use clips from "Dunder and Dwightning" as our theme music. Go buy their stuff, people!

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  1. Archerr |

    Great hearing Kevin on the show. The whole finger cuffs bit through the whole show was funny! I'd love to see two guys using finger cuffs...with their, you know.

  2. scotty |

    another great show, and sure made some of my 5hr data-entry shift enjoyable!

    this is 1st time to go to your website. cause...
    i'm not calling anymore;
    Archerr says I can only call HIS show, and in these tough times; i have to watch my international call cost!

  3. Pat Gaik |


    1. Thank you for your comments!

    2. Archer is the GODFATHER of Podcasting, not the FUHRER...

    C. Here's a totally FREE way you can keep in touch with all your favorite podcasts - record messages on your own computer (with something as basic as the Windows Sound Recorder)and EMAIL the files to us. (You will need a microphone on your computer, you can get one pretty cheap if you don't have one built in already)


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