Did we ever mention that Melanie and Jerry are authors?

Posted on Friday, January 16, 2009 by Jerry Davis

This is Jerry's science fiction version of Revelations from the bible. There's an AntiChrist AI, rebels out to overthrow the media, and Jesus Christ returning to Earth on Live TV. If that wasn't enough, the main characters are dealing with their jobs being replaced by robots, their cities being torn up to be reclaimed for farmland, and running from a state mandated abortion.

Melanie's wild and sexy fantasy! Sergeant Adrianne Roche knew that service in the Queen's Own Sabres would take her to strange new lands. She just never expected to go there in a belly dancing costume...

Both Jerry and Melanie have short stories in this one... It's wildy funny and Science Fiction to boot! How can you go wrong?

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  1. Christian |

    hahaha I jes!
    That's actually quite awesome!

  2. Bjorn |

    I should buy these.


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