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Posted on Wednesday, February 18, 2009 by Pat Gaik

Conklin’s Cashes in on Laughter

Conklin’s Barn II Dinner Theatre is pleased to announce the opening of the wild and crazy comedy “Cash on Delivery” starring Bob Lane Jr. and Pat Gaik opening Thursday, March 5 and playing through April 26 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday brunch.

“Cash on Delivery” is by Michael Cooney, son of famous farceur Ray Cooney, whose shows such as “Run for Your Wife,” “Funny Money” and “Not Now, Darling” have been staples at the Barn for years. Michael follows in his father’s footsteps, creating hilarious characters in outrageous plots that sparkle with witty dialogue and door-slamming action. The action of “Cash on Delivery” follows lovable ne’er-do-well Eric Swan (Lane) who is collecting financial support from a variety of government agencies for a menagerie of fictional tenants. His real tenant, Norman McDonald (Gaik) gets unwittingly entangled in the catastrophic comic events when a Social Security inspector turns up on the doorstep. Adding to the zaniness are a host of other comic characters—from Eric’s shifty uncle George to his worried wife Linda, along with various social workers, authority figures and even an undertaker!

Lane and Gaik are joined by a full complement of Barn regulars, with Mary Simon as Social Security official Ms. Cowper, John Johnson as inspector Mr. Jenkins, Tom Weber as uncle George, Miranda Axsom as wife Linda, Dan Challacombe as marriage counselor Dr. Chapman, Diann Thompson as social worker Sally, April Wyant as Norman’s fiancée Brenda and David Flanders as visiting undertaker Mr. Forbright.

The production is directed by Mary Simon. Set design is by Tom Weber, technical direction is by April Wyant, and publicity is by Pat Gaik. Conklin’s Barn II is known for its delicious buffet which, on evening performances, includes four main entrees featuring the Barn’s renowned prime rib and fried chicken, with salad, homemade soup and cheese spread, and a choice of four taste-tempting, homemade desserts. Prices for dinner and show are $31.00 on Thursday evening, $33.00 on Friday evening and Sunday brunch, and $35.00 on Saturday evening, including tax. No advance payment is required. For reservations, call the box office at 309-965-2545. For more information, visit the Barn on the internet at

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