DQYDJ 63: Pop Rocks For Your Crotch

Posted on Sunday, February 22, 2009 by Melanie

EP 63: Pop Rocks For Your Crotch (32:13)

Welcome to Episode 63 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where Melanie wonders about the Rabbit Pearl, Jerry reports from the end of the world, Stacy explains the uses of KY for Him and Her, and Patrick waxes lyrical about the Age of Aquarius.

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Thanks to Sweet Diss and the Comebacks (http://www.myspace.com/comebacks) for permission to use clips from "Dunder and Dwightning" as our theme music. Go buy their stuff, people!

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  1. Bjorn |

    Ugh Annie, really? reference one of the worst musical, EVER. shame on you.

    Twilight is crap.

    those are my thoughts watch for email regarding something mentioned in your episode.

  2. Anonymous |

    Hey Stacy- Thanks for the bail out should be back in town towards the end of the month, another court date on the horizon, maybe you could send a lawyer with the cash next time?

  3. Kimichi Tsuzuku |

    Twilight should only be printed on the cheapest newsprint (phone book paper) so that after you're done reading it, you can wipe your butt with it and flush it down the toilet.

    And Stacy... Stacy, the whole rumor about Pop Rocks & Soda has been disproven rather effectively by Discovery Channel's Mythbusters in one of the early seasons. You could have a case of each and end up with nothing worse that some serious bloat & acid reflux.

  4. Kimichi Tsuzuku |

    Oh wait, I forgot. This is Stacy. She wouldn't watch anything that doesn't slowly suck your brain dry.


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