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Posted on Wednesday, February 11, 2009 by Stacy

Hello everyone, Stacy the newsgirl here to talk to you about the recent episode, We perhaps was thought-provoking, heartwarming, and yes, the most talked about podcast in recent memory. (I'm lying.)

We here at DQYDJ are dedicated to putting up the finest episodes for our listeners--


You haven't heard the latest episode?

Are you serious?

What's that? Melanie hasn't put it up yet? Again?

My apologies listeners. It's odd because the last time I was late/absent from a podcast Melanie threatened to have me flogged with my own printer wires. And let me tell you, when she starts swingin'...those puppies sting!

Well, in any case if the episode isn't up soon I will simply have to post here yet
another slide show of DQYDJ family photos.

For instance, look down here:

This one? I remember it well. This picture was taken in the summer of '73.
It's a picture of me outside my first psychiatrist visit!

I had watched a tv show showing Martians whose heads looked like cabbages, and was scared of produce for the rest of that summer. Well, Mel took it upon herself to strew lettuce leaves around and under my bed and told me that the aliens were looking for me and were coming back for me in my sleep. Hence the need for mental health visits.

This one? This one is particularly colorful. Notice how the bruises on my arm go from a vibrant and deep purple all through the spectrum to a light and frothy green?
She gave me this one when she got into bed one night when we were, oh, about 9 and 11, and I had hid under her repulsive sleeping bag she insisted having in her bed. When I growled and grabbed her as she was getting comfortable it must have startled her as she punched me repeatedly...for about a half hour.

Then she put me in a headlock...but that's another picture.

This last bit of memory lane comes from a family vacation to Arkansas. We were going home through Missouri and decided to stop by Merimac Caverns. As you can see the security force are everywhere searching for me...after Melanie told me that the aliens with cabbage heads were at the door and calling for me by name because it was their lunch time.

It's OK, though, because it shaped me for the arduous task of sometimes living in the sub-basement at the DQYDJ headquarters!

So there's an upside to everything, right?!?!

This is a postcard I got from our foreign correspondent from Jamaica.

Well, that's all listeners. Thanks for viewing our website and hopefully you will be listening to an episode soon. Have a good day...and a pleasant tomorow!

Stacy the Newsgirl

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  1. Anonymous |

    I remember these times with you guys growing up. Where ever did you find the photos? I am wondering if dad had them when you went through his belongings. Very nice touching moving story. All true!!!


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