DQYDJ 106: Close Encounters Of The Ancient Asian Kind

Posted on Wednesday, May 05, 2010 by Melanie

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Welcome to Episode 106 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where Stacy is off negotiating with Madame Lola for her psychic hotline services, Patrick comes up with the iJack, Melanie gets up close and personal with General Tsao, and Jerry is in iPad Heaven.


This time, Patrick's running the contest, and it's all about the Brady Bunch's little-known variety show! Call our voicemail line at 206-666-4187 or email us at dqydjpodcast@gmail.com and answer the following three questions:

1) What was the name of the Brady girls' cat?
2) What was Greg Brady's rock star name?
3) What was the name of Alice's ex-beau who turned out to be a con artist?

and win a copy of Love to Love You Bradys. Call or write in now to enter the contest, or order it directly from Amazon!

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We have voicemail!
Ari Ben Gordon

Send us email: dqydjpodcast@gmail.com
Send us voicemail: 206-666-4187

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  1. Anonymous |

    I can't believe that you didn't see if he had any cash. Maybe there was something for you on the end table? How can you not service the old man? Everyone needs a warm meal ever now and then, heeee. Please post a picture of you and your lover. Does the General ever acknowledge the Brit that you are married too? Does he think that maybe you guys are swingers? Now there is a visual, so tell me Mel have you ever considered doing someone that can take there teeth out?

  2. Anonymous |

    What a great beginning to the show, can't wait to finish listening to this!

  3. Melanie |

    No, Kathy, I have never considered "doing someone" who can take their teeth out. Just...no.

  4. David-That Blue Jeans Guy-Byrd |

    I nearly spit out my milk all over the place when Melanie related the story of General Tso. I guess he wanted you to be the secret for an ancient Chinese man...*ducks projectile tomatoes*.

    Nice to hear Patrick's pump is all primed. Very nice.

    Count me in as another person who would love hearing Melanie's old radio shows. I'm sure they are entertaining.

  5. Patty |

    Something you said on this one made me v ery worried. Your heater is 12 years old,... and on its last legs in texas where you probably dont use it over often. Ours up here in Connecticut was installed in 1953 ... i wasn't born till 1972 its 57 years old ... i guess they dont make me like they used to so when this one goes im in for some trouble.


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