Hey you, in Garden Grove, CA

Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 by Melanie

Calm down, pumpkin -- we'll be putting the newest episode up by tomorrow at the latest (because my throat's a wreck, it's a short one, aka easy to edit).

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  1. Martin |

    No doubt you meant some *other* listener in Garden Grove, CA, but I promise to wait patiently anyway. Of course, your next episode has already been published, and I haven't made it up to the current episodes anyway (I started with episode one about a week ago).

    In the interest of comity, I have used some of my "waiting" time to submit a review (five-star, natch) to iTunes. Are you getting close to forty of those yet?

  2. Melanie |

    Hi, Martin, and thanks for the review! We're up to 36 reviews so far, so we're still working towards the magical 40.

  3. Pat Gaik |

    Yeah, thanks, Martin! BTW, Mel, Jerry, Stacy and I had a meeting and we've changed the special 40 reviews prize from Me and Jerry in an unspeakable act to you and General Tsao in an unspeakable act. No, don't thank us...we live to serve.

  4. Martin |

    That wouldn't be a problem for me, Pat, but I hear General Tsao's chicken.

    Sorry about that.

    No I'm not.


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