DQYDJ 84: California, Here I Come

Posted on Saturday, September 05, 2009 by Melanie

(31:09 - 35.68 MB)

Welcome to Episode 84 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where Melanie heads back to LA with Stretch to bask yet again in the gloriousness that is Jeff, Jerry announces the winners of the Me Want Some Bubba contest, Stacy is, well, somewhere, and Patrick is busy portraying a kilt-wearing, bagpipe-playing hitman.

We have voicemail!
Kathy the Foreign Correspondent
Andrea from Portland
Kevin from Florida
DQ Rick

We have email!

Send us email: dqydjpodcast@gmail.com
Send us voicemail: 206-666-4187

And remember, Angelenos, this has been extended to September 26, but tickets are disappearing like hotcakes!

Jeffrey Combs in
at the Center For Inquiry
West 4773 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 666-4268
Fridays and Saturdays
8/2/09 through 9/26/09

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  1. Melanie |

    Still don't have an address from DQ Rick for his copy of BOTBOTA. Just sayin'.

  2. Anonymous |

    I won, I WON, I still can't believe I won! How exciting!!! Will be waiting for days by mail box! I WON, I WON, I WON!

  3. Melanie |

    Actually, Kath, I do need your mailing address -- Stacy, can you get that to me when you get a chance?

  4. Pat Gaik |


    "...all I was thinking was 'My God,I've never been this close to a real actor before!'"



  5. Stacy |

    There there Patrick.

    She *is* and insensitive bitch after all.....

  6. Melanie |

    That's what THERESA said, doofus. I've been close to a real actor many a time, such as the time when he was sprawled across me vomiting out his dormroom window.

  7. Melanie |

    Her exact words were, "I could kinda tell he was trying to figure out where he could safely touch me -- all I was thinking was, "My God, I've never been this close to a real actor before." So that wasn't me -- it was a continuation of Theresa's thought.

  8. Stacy |

    *hands patrick a tissue*

    Now I see Pat.

    How she spouts insensitive and uncaring comments and then puts 'spin' on them when she realizes that other people have feelings too.

    Like the time I offered her heartfelt and sensitive constructive advice and told her the outfit she was wearing made her look like a deranged yeti.

    She violently kicked my calf and told me to....well, I dont want to say it....lets just say it rhymes with 'DUCK OFF' and leave it at that.
    I was shattered for days!

  9. Melanie |

    Coming from the woman who nails up bits of broken twigs and badly sawn wooden shapes around her house and calls them "wreaths", "deranged yeti" is a bit rich.

  10. Jerry |

    "Deranged Yeti" ... now that's a title if I've ever heard one!

    I can see it now:

    Deranged Yeti
    (a novel)

    By Jerry J. Davis

  11. Melanie |

    Or it could be the name for a new perfume. Can't you hear the hushed voiceover against a roomful of lounging models arranged artfully around a tall, shaggy creature?

    "Deranged Yeti, by Jean-Paul Gaultier."

  12. Jerry |

    We should do that as a commercial on the podcast.


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