DQYDJ 86: Quoth The Vagina, "Nevermore"

Posted on Monday, September 28, 2009 by Melanie

(40:41 - 46.59 MB)

Welcome to Episode 86 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where Stacy is hiding in her basement while "Twister" is being re-enacted near her home, Patrick receives a special request, Melanie comes back from a weekend in LA (yes, again), and Jerry is en route to a secure location. Meanwhile, we welcome our special guest host Taylor the Latte Boy from Pod is My Copilot.

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And remember, Angelenos, this has been extended one more time to October 31, but tickets are disappearing like hotcakes!

Scan courtesy of the Combs Corner

Jeffrey Combs in NEVERMORE
at the Center For Inquiry
West 4773 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 666-4268
Fridays and Saturdays
8/2/09 through 10/31/09

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  1. Pat Gaik |

    Thanks for using that pic.

    For our listener's erudition:

    Sandy Duncan is 63

    Adrian Zmed is 55

  2. Melanie |

    I am nothing if not accomodating -- the picture has been changed. And the episode is up before Wednesday, as you'll notice.

  3. Melanie |

    Okay, apparently the inital comment was genuine, not sarcastic. Which picture do you want me to use?

  4. Pat Gaik |

    Either is fine - don't worry your pretty little head any further.

    And kudos on getting the ep edited and up so quickly.

    See what happens when I nag and belittle you in front of company? I get results!

  5. Anonymous |

    The results were amazing. As was the show, I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I well you get it... Love the quick pass of getting them up. Kisses pumpkins.

  6. Taffy |



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