We Anen't Podfading

Posted on Thursday, September 24, 2009 by Melanie

And yes, that's a deliberate typo and a nod to Sir Terry Pratchett. You know, the insanely successful British fantasy writer? Creator of the Discworld? All-around funny guy? Oh, never mind.

Anyway, Stacy and her Mini-Me came down to the clavicle of Texas last weekend, where much fun was had, much alcohol was consumed, and many movies starring Johnny Depp were viewed (despite Stacy's comments about what Mr. Depp passes in his stool and her continual harassment of my cat, but I digress).

We even planned on recording a podcast Monday night, but prior engagements prevented that from happening (she said, looking at Patrick and Jerry meaningfully), so we decided to record Tuesday night instead, and I would finish editing Ep 85 and put that up.

At which point we ran into a wee problem, namely Time Warner's decision to push a software upgrade to their cable modems at 1:00 AM Tuesday morning (apparently in order to prepare the way for faster service). Unfortunately, our cable modem is about 5 years old, and took to the software update like Thermite to oxygen -- AKA it kinda 'sploded.

After I stopped shrieking at the modem, I called Time Warner bright and early Tuesday morning and informed them of this contretemps. The nice lady on the other end of the line said the earliest they could get a repair guy out to the Fletcher manse was Thursday -- would I like the 8-11 slot?

Well, YEAH, if that was the soonest we could get the internet back. And then I had to explain the situation to Lyndon, who was not a happy camper as he often works from home and kinda needs a broadband connection to do that. We made do with trading off his AT&T wireless connection for the next 36 hours (shades of Holland), and this morning a TW repair person showed up, checked the modem under Lyndon's expert supervision and explained what happened. He replaced it with a new one, and voila -- we had access to the intertubes again.

So Ep 85 will go up tonight, and hopefully we can record the next ep Sunday or Monday night, depending on everyone's schedule. Hang in there, people -- we WILL be back!

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  1. Pat Gaik |

    Yes, people, we WILL be back...don't pay any attention to those rumors. Stacy really did go to Texas for a vist...she wasn't really "moved to a non-disclosed DQYDJ safehouse after being knocked out with chloroform and tied to a chair with duct tape." And Patrick has not been banned from the show forever for attempting to disclose his incestuous relationship with Mamma Cass on the last episode...Oh, and Jerry isn't beign given a new identity and home in the witness protection program AGAIN.

  2. Melanie |

    Oh, here we go.


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