DQYDJ 29: Reverse Upside-Down Cat Cuddling

Posted on Wednesday, August 06, 2008 by Melanie

EP 29: Reverse Upside-Down Cat Cuddling (39:41)

Welcome to Episode 29 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where Melanie is getting ready for Denver, Patrick treats us to a scoop about Simon from the Chipmunks and his current gig in a German transvestite bar, and Jerry celebrates a cat named Wellington.

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Thanks to Sweet Diss and the Comebacks (http://www.myspace.com/comebacks) for permission to use clips from "Dunder and Dwightning" as our theme music. Go buy their stuff, people!

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  1. Anonymous |

    I just listened to this podcast and have one thing to say:

    Will you please STOP giving Patrick helium before he sings? You know darn well its in violation of his parole!


  2. Pat Gaik |

    Back off "Anonymous"! You know that wasn't ME singing - it was Simon the Chipmunk.

    I'm not addicted to helium...it's nitrous oxide!

  3. Anonymous |

    So thats why you spend so much time at the dentists office.

    Explains alot.....

  4. Anonymous |

    Why arent you over reading Melanie's guest book like I assigned to you in my last e mail?


  5. Pat Gaik |

    Well, actually, I'm at WORK at the moment (when am I not at work, though?)

  6. Melanie |

    Tomorrow I will be pimping DQYDJ on a panel about podcasting. I don't know if innocent SF fans are ready for our filth...

  7. Pat Gaik |

    Lure them in! Mwahahahaha!!! I posted on the Gallifreyan Embassy about it - 72 views on my post but no comments - hopefully it will bring in some more listeners!


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