We're DQYDJ -- damn glad to meet you!

Posted on Monday, August 25, 2008 by Melanie

Patrick suggested that he'd like to see a picture of us Warholized. I am nothing if not accomodating.

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  1. Pat Gaik |

    Lovely. But if you check my contract, you'll see that I have photo clearance rights and should have been consulted on WHICH photo I would prefer you use.

  2. Stacy |

    Careful, you never know what other pics Mel might post if we're ungrateful.

    I hate Andy Wharhol. JMHO

  3. Melanie |

    Oh, for the love of...okay, fine. Send me the picture you want to use and I'll use it. Jerry's doing the same. Hell, Stace, send me a picture you prefer.

    I try and try, work my fingers to the bone, and all I get are complaints, I ask you...

  4. Jerry |

    Hey, I like this picture of me. Do you still need another?

  5. Stacy |

    I'm looking a little green around the gills *ba dump ching!*

    No, that one's fine lol. At least the background is purple...my fav color!!!!

  6. Stacy |

    Q- how do they know who's who?

    I could very well be the one with the glasses and the beard....the victim of a unusual hormonal accident.


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