New Feature: When we were 'yungins!

Posted on Wednesday, August 06, 2008 by Pat Gaik

Hello, pumpkins! I'm starting a new feature on our blog here - When we were 'yungins!

Melanie received a scan of an old news clipping (thanks, cousin George!) featuring us "back in the day." She was 16 (going on 17) and I was 17 (going on 18) and we were attending an awards banquet where we won 2nd (Mel) and 3rd (Me) place in a logo design competition for the East Side Chamber of Commerce during our high school days. She looks no different today! I, however...(womp womp). I don't know what the hell is up with my sultry expression, I must have thought I looked sexy!

Jerry, you're up next! Maybe something from the Eisenhower administration?

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  1. Anonymous |

    They are soooooo lying!

    East Side chamber of commerce my ass.

    They just scored a fat sack of weed before going to the Duran Duran concert!

    Patricks already baked and notice the giant smile on Mel's face?

    Enough said.

    (Stacy didnt write this either)

  2. Anonymous |

    You both look like such babies too!!

    Were we ever that young?

    *bursts into tears and runs to plastic surgeons office*

  3. Anonymous |

    How come you havent told Patrick to come over to the guest book of your journal?!?!?

    Forget it, I'm e mailing him

  4. Pat Gaik |

    Weed? Duran Duran?

    Stacy, lay off the cough syrup. I'm worried about you...seriously.

  5. SportsBastardBoy |

    Mmmmmmmm...cough syrup....

  6. Nessa |

    How adorable are the two of you! hehe! I love that Patrick said womp womp! I have a list of stuff to say, I need to call!

  7. Pat Gaik |

    I only steal from the best, Nessa!

  8. Jerry |

    Melanie, I would have so totally asked you out on dates. :-)

  9. Pat Gaik |

    Speaking of dates...someone at the Barn looked at that picture and said "Hi, I'm Patrick...this is my victim...I mean prom date."


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