Feeling Much Better!

Posted on Saturday, August 16, 2008 by Jerry Davis

I know some of you out there are kind of worried about me.

Fear not! I am feeling 90% better today, so good in fact that I'm off pain meds and am working on my current novel.

Thank you everyone for your well-wishes! Sending love and good karma right back at ya!

PS - Look at those pictures of Patrick down there. What a hottie! ;-)

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  1. Pat Gaik |

    Happy to hear you're feeling better, buddy! No dry socket? (That sounds dirty, dunnit?)

    P.S. You make me blush with your praises...I'll pencil you in for a handy!

  2. Anonymous |

    Patricks a filthy bitch isnt he?

    Good to hear your getting better. Dental thingy's suck big time.

    (I prefer to remain anonymous so Patrick doesnt know its me....shhhhhh!)

  3. Pat Gaik |

    ::rolls eyes at "anonymous"::

  4. Stacy |

    **ignores Patrick because he hasnt gone over to Melanie's guest book yet**

  5. Pat Gaik |

    Thank you...have just spent the last hour staring at a screen with a GREEN fucking background and now I can't see straight!

  6. Jerry |


  7. Stacy |

    I hear a baby cryin!

    Anyone else hear a baby cryin in here?

    You cant take a green background? Complain to Mel. She probably thinks it goes with her hair.

  8. Pat Gaik |

    Sorry, Jerry, Stacy and I have apparently taken over the comment section of this post...she's like that.

  9. Stacy |

    I am, I really am.

  10. Melanie |

    Oh, pfuck you all -- I LIKE green.


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