Another Openin', Another Show...

Posted on Thursday, September 11, 2008 by Pat Gaik Philly, Boston, or a barn in the middle of the cornfields of Illi-no!

Okay, so I'm no Cole Porter.

Anyway, this is it, kids! The Big One!

If anyone has a spare moment at 8:00 PM CST tonight, send a positive thought my way! We had a very good final dress last night - my co-star was on fire! Now I have to try to match him!

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  1. Stacy |


    I know you and I know your talent! You are going to be FABULOUS!! Besides, just think of all of it as rehearsals for when Kathy and I come down to see you!!!!


  2. Melanie |

    Break a leg, pumpkin!!!


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