DQYDJ 37: Mmhmmm

Posted on Thursday, September 04, 2008 by Melanie

EP 37: Mmhmmm (44:13)

Welcome to Episode 37 of "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast!" where Jerry is off caring for his love, Melanie shows pictures of her pony act, Stacy leaks just a little bit, Patrick loses the love of his life to some guy with a shopping cart and Special Guest Host Nessa explains why she can't understand her husband's grandfather.

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Thanks to Sweet Diss and the Comebacks (http://www.myspace.com/comebacks) for permission to use clips from "Dunder and Dwightning" as our theme music. Go buy their stuff, people!

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  1. Anonymous |

    "This is our friend, Fisty!"

    Man oh man, I damned near choked to death on my turkey sandwich.

    So much for late-night snacking while listening to podcasts.

  2. Nessa |

    I haven't laughed do hard in awhile! Thanks for having me and it was great meeting Stacey and Patrick :)

  3. Anonymous |

    *looking at the picture*


  4. Anonymous |

    Okay, who put the methanphetamines in Auntie Mame's coffee????.....AGAIN?!?!!?

  5. Pat Gaik |

    Hey "anonymous" - pipe down or I'll put up the ones of me as Mae West and Carol Channing!


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