I had the craziest dream...

Posted on Tuesday, September 30, 2008 by Pat Gaik

...last night. Yes I did.

I was doing a production of "Hello, Dolly!" with Ms. Taffy Carlisle Huffington from Pod is my Copilot.

She was, of course, fabulous!

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  1. Taylor The Latte Boy |

    Taffy's switched shows? I believe when I show her the contract she signed, she'll realize her ass belongs to me...

    Taffy from Don't Quit Your Day Job, indeed......

  2. Pat Gaik |

    Correction made. Mea culpa! It was late, I was tired. You may beat me thoroughly when we meet in person! Please, say you'll beat me!

  3. Stacy |

    We're trying to steal her away Taylor!

    So far, no dice though.

  4. Taffy |

    My loyalty to Taylor runs long and deep (like Tank)
    I would never even entertain the idea of leaving such a endearing and wonderful...

    Call me.


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